• I am standing next to a GECCO, but I cannot see it on the GECCO App:Open or Close

    This can happen for different reasons. A) It is reserved: Another GECCO user has booked the vehicle first and it is within our 15 minute ‘booking time’. B) Battery to low: We don’t show vehicles that are low on battery. We want you to get to your destination, so our GECCO team take scooters with low batteries off-line so we can charge them. C) Regular Maintenance: Our GECCO mechanics are on their way to inspect it.

  • What is GECCO?Open or Close

    GECCO rental service of eco-friendly and modern electric scooters based in Barcelona, controled directly from your mobile. With GECCO you can enjoy all the advantages of riding your own electric vehicle, without worrying about the usual problems of an owner

  • What is scooter sharing?Open or Close

    It’s a ecological and efficient way to move around Barcelona – use a GECCO scooter for regular trips around the city, with everything included: insurance, maintenance, battery charging, etc.

  • How does GECCO work?Open or Close

    Once you have registered, using GECCO is very easy. Open our App, choose your scooter: Book, take it and let's go! Don’t worry about battery charging, insurance or maintenance, that’s our job. Remember to drive safely and always park according to city regulations.

  • Who can use GECCO?Open or Close

    Anyone + 18 can join the GECCO family. You need a credit or debit card and a valid driving license. 

  • How do I register with GECCO?Open or Close

    It’s super easy. 1) Download our app from Google Play or the App Store. 2) Upload photos of your ID card (or equivalent) and driving license. C) Complete your personal data and a payment method. And that's all! Once your account is verified and approved and you receive a message, you will be ready to drive your GECCO!

  • How long until I can ride?Open or Close

    GECCO scooters are available 24/7. Once your registration is complete, our team will check if everything is in order and activate your account within a maximum period of 48 hours.

  • How do I unregister?Open or Close

    If you want to unregister from our service, please contact our Customer Service by sending an email to

  • What type of scooter does GECCO offer?Open or Close

    GECCO has a modern fleet of Askoll electric scooters. They are equivalent to 50cc vehicles and can reach a maximum speed of 45km/h. 

  • When can I use a GECCO scooter?Open or Close

    Anytime, all day, all week, all year!

  • How do I find my GECCO scooter?Open or Close

    Get into our GECCO App and first select the scooter you want on our map. Click on ‘Reserve’ and then you have 15 minutes to collect it and start your ride. When you get close, use our ‘easy find’ button to flash the lights and have the horn sound.

  • What do I do if the vehicle is damaged when I get there?Open or Close

    If the GECCO scooter has any damage, send us a message by pressing the ‘?’ button on the map and choose the ‘Report Incident’ option. This could help other users!

  • How do I start the scooter?Open or Close

    Once you get to the scooter and you’re ready to start: 1. Press 'Start Rental’ on the app to unlock it. 2. Press 'Open Top Case" and put on your helmet and adjust it (in the back box). 3. Take the scooter off its central stand. 4. Press ‘Start’ button on the scooter to turn it on (the red button on the scooter´s handlebar)

  • Do I need to wear my helmet?Open or Close

    Yes, it is the law. Each scooter comes with two helmets of two different sizes. To access them, start the ride on the app, click the app button "Open Top Case", put it on, and let's drive! In addition to the helmets, you will find hygienic wipes and the scooter’s documents.Now, in addition, you will find customised masks to keep safe yourself.

  • Can I carry a passenger?Open or Close

    Yes, Gecco scooters are insured to carry two persons. In the top case you will find two helmets of different sizes for the driver and one passenger. You both must wear helmets.

  • Can other people ride a scooter using my username?Open or Close

    No, absolutely not! For legal reasons, only you can ride using your username. Allowing other users or people to use your GECCO account is strictly forbidden and punished with a 100€ fine, as described in our Terms and Conditions.

  • Am I insured?Open or Close

    Yes. Our service includes third-party coverage. For any vehicle damages or theft, it includes full coverage with a 525 € excess, according to the selected tariff. This means that in case of user liability, the user must pay the amount corresponding to the damage up to 525€ depending on the tariff selected. You can change the tariff in the app’s “Top Up" section, and it will be applied to your next ride.

  • What do I do in case of a road accident?Open or Close

    You have to fill in the accident report, which you will find in the scooter document folder (blue form). Remember to inform our customer service as soon as possible so that they can advise you on how to proceed and collect the scooter. You can contact them by phone, email or using the in-app chat. 

  • What happens if my mobile phone runs out of battery?Open or Close

    You must have your phone charged because you need the app to start and end your ride. If you run out of battery while riding your Gecco scooter, you can press the vehicle’s ‘Start’ button for 30 seconds until it turns off, this will automatically set your ride in ‘Pause’ mode until you can charge the phone or get in touch with us to finish the ride remotely.

  • Can I drive wherever I want?Open or Close

    You can ride the scooter on all roads were 50cc scooters are allowed. Remember that you must park the scooter in the area that is highlighted on the app map. Before starting your ride, take the scooter range into account so you can finish your ride within this area.

  • Can I ride if there are traffic restrictions due to pollution?Open or Close

    Yes. Our entire fleet is electric, so you can move around in a sustainable and environment-friendly way. Moreover, for every kilometre travelled with an GECCO scooter, you are saving 80g of CO2!

  • Can I stop for a while during the ride?Open or Close

    Yes, just press the "pause" button in your GECCO app to lock your moto. So your moto will be waiting for you while you complete your paperwork. During the break, the cost will be only 0.05 € per minute.

  • What do I do with the vehicle once my ride is over?Open or Close

    Once you reach your destination, park in a legal scooter space (do not use public spaces). Put the helmets in the top case and slide the ‘Finish’ button in the app. Please make sure you park the scooter correctly – (within the authorized area shown on the app map and in a place where it is allowed by city regulations).See you!

  • What do I do if my session is not closed?Open or Close

    Do not hesitate to contact our GECCO customer service team via chat if you have any kind of problem, whether to start, during, or at the end of your session.

  • How do I use a free time bonus?Open or Close

    To enter a promotional code, access Menu > Payment > Redeem Promo Code

  • Do I have to pay a registration fee?Open or Close

    No. Signing up with Gecco is totally free.

  • How much does it cost to use a Gecco scooter?Open or Close

    You can check our updated prices per minute on our website.

  • When do the minutes start counting?Open or Close

    The time starts counting when you click ‘Start Rental’; the counting ends when you slide the ‘End ride’ option. You can check the details for each ride on the app by going to Menu > Your Trips. 

  • How and when do I pay?Open or Close

    When you join the GECCO family, you must enter your credit or debit card details. Every time your usage reaches 10€, the system will automatically charge the amount to your card. At the end of the month, if you haven’t spent that amount, you will be charged for what you have used until that point. When you purchase packs, these are charged immediately.

  • Are there any additional charges?Open or Close

    Everything is included in your rate per minute (battery charge, insurance, helmets, maintenance…). However, there may be an additional charge if you have been naughty. Report any damage or fines direct to the GECCO team.

  • Is it true that if I bring a friend, we both get 15€ for free?Open or Close

    Oh yes!! For each friend you invite, and they join the GECCO family, we will reward both of you with a 15 € bonus. They will receive the bonus credit immediately, and you will receive it when your friend makes their first ride with us. To invite a friend, just log in to the app, select the ‘Refer a friend’ option in the side menu (the amount may change if we roll out special offers), and send your friend your personal referral code.

  • Where can I park the vehicle?Open or Close

    Although you can move around freely in Barcelona, vehicle pick-up and parking areas are limited. This is the area that is shown in a lighter colour on the app map. To end your ride, you must always park within the designated area. You have to take the city’s parking regulations into account. Users are solely responsible for correctly parking the vehicle they use and will be liable for any sanctions from the authorities resulting from improper use.

  • What do I do if I find a fine on the scooter?Open or Close

    If you find a fine upon arrival at the vehicle, don’t worry; keep it inside the top case of the scooter. The GECCO team keep a log of all rentals and can identify the user who has parked the scooter incorrectly and who must therefore pay the fine.

  • What happens if I commit a violation and receive a fine?Open or Close

    While using the vehicle, you are solely responsible for any violation committed from the moment you park until it is picked up by another user, including any fines resulting from incorrect parking.  Any fines from parking (including towing and release costs) will be charged to the user account.

  • Where are the Terms and Conditions?Open or Close

    You can check the full information

  • Got another question?Open or Close

    If you did not find the information you were looking for in these FAQs, please contact our customer service by chat, or by sending an email to We will be happy to clear any doubts you might have.

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